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About Financial Escape Ltd

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Based in Thanet, Kent, Financial Escape was established in 2005 by Phil Castle, who has since been joined by his son Zac in 2016.


Since the start Phil has specialised in Ethical and Socially Responsible Investments and has time and time again proven that investing ethically doesn't have to mean it is any less fruitful. This feeling has been mirrored by Zac who has also shown a keen interest to invest ethically.


Phil and Zac are both based in our Ramsgate office and work predominately Monday to Friday 9 - 5 however to fit client needs are flexible and provide meetings on evenings and weekends.



A little about them;





"I am committed to my own independence and free thinking. Truth, honesty and integrity are my core values."


Phils working life has been spent focusing on client's needs. He started in branch banking, sitting CIB exams covering law relating to banking, accounting and economics. This meant that a move to providing financial advice was a natural progression. The knowledge of accounts, contract law and tort (even though dated) has helped indefinitely to identify client’s needs.


He is proud to have got his hands dirty along with the "black hand gang" with 16 years in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers REME (TA).


His goals for Financial Escape are to remain to be a small but efficient advisory firm providing a personal service, growing organically, so that when he retires in a decade or so, it is seamless for our client's and Zac.





Coming into the industry at 25, Zac has spent that last few years trying to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible, volunteering for everything that comes his way.


He, like his Father shares a commitment to independence and free thinking and believes the core values of his father are the integral part of Financial Escape's success.


Zac's plans for Financial Escape are to stick to the goals his Father laid out before him, he wants to remain small yet efficient with honesty and the forefront.